How to Prepare Your House for Sale

How to Prepare Your House for Sale

So, you’ve decided to sell your home. What are the next steps you should take? Getting your house ready to make the best impression on the property market can seem like a bewildering task. What changes should you make to impress viewers and to portray your property in the most favourable light? Here are our tips for simple and practical actions you can take when preparing your property for sale.

1) Clear out the clutter

When looking around your house, a potential buyer will be trying to envisage transforming it into their own home. In their mind they will be visualising the wallpaper they will choose, where they will put the TV, how their furniture will fit. Make it easy for them by stowing away any clutter that has accumulated in the nooks and corners of your home. You will be surprised at how much additional living space this gives your home after you’ve had a good tidy up.

2) Refresh the decoration

If your paint or plasterwork is looking a bit flaky or tired, now is the time to apply a new coat of paint. It can really freshen up the overall feel of your property and help make a good impression on visitors. Also consider covering over any brightly coloured walls in a more neutral shade, and stripping any old wallpaper or woodchip. You don’t need to de-personalise the house completely, but tone down anything too bold, eccentric or personal.

3) Consider a new kitchen

The condition of the kitchen is often a deciding factor for property buyers. Consider updating your kitchen in order to help your home sell faster and add value to the property. New counter tops are the item most likely to add real value to a kitchen, although these can be expensive to install. Replacement cabinet doors are a cheaper alternative, and also make a good visual impression. There are things you can do to improve the look of your kitchen without spending a penny, of course. Having a wine rack or fruit bowl on a counter top is fine, but clear away any other clutter. Store away bulky appliances such as food processors and bread machines, and make sure all surfaces are scrupulously clean.

4) Keep it clean

Cleanliness, or the lack of, makes a huge impact on whether a visitor is impressed by your property. Take some time to target the vulnerable areas where dirt accumulates. Consider re-grouting any tilework in the kitchen or bathroom, clean any mould off the corners of windows and shower curtains, remove limescale from your taps. Don’t underestimate the little details people will notice. Just because you don’t notice the hopelessly stained bathtub anymore, doesn’t mean that other people won’t. Before viewers arrive, polish your metallic surfaces and wooden floors, dust your shelves and clean your carpets. Hang new towels in the bathroom. The smell of a clean home is appealing to visitors as much as the visual impression it makes.

5) Optimise your space

Carefully placed mirrors and accessories can help optimise your space by enhancing the amount of light and air in your property. Consider rearranging the layout of your furniture so there is more open space and free flow between the living areas. Open plan rooms make your home appear larger and more accessible.

Preparing your house for sale is about putting yourself in the shoes of your potential buyers. Think back to properties that you have visited and make a mental note of aspects that have impressed you, and things that have put you off. It is often the personal touches that sway buyer decisions, as it gives the overall impression that the property has been well loved and taken care of by its owners and will be in good condition.

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