Why The Best Pictures Are Essential When Selling Or Renting A Property


As the saying goes, “A picture paints a thousand words”. This has never been truer than when selling or renting a property. Today’s housing market continues its upward trend. Demand for homes is high, and our currently-healthy economy means that property values are higher than ever. However, despite the positivity of the market, a property will not sell itself on its own.

In order for a property to be appealing to a potential buyer, it must be portrayed in the best possible light. There’s no better way to do that than in a photograph. But why are pictures so important? They help to generate more interest in a property, and encourage would-be buyers to take a closer look.

How Important Are Good Pictures?

Today, most properties are advertised on websites such as Rightmove, where they are seen by hundreds, If not thousands of people. Although a picture may not reveal the whole story about a property, its job is significant as it will be responsible for providing that all-important first impression.

Portable Technology vs. Professional Photos

It is true that today’s mobile devices offer the best quality for photographs than they ever have before. However, this doesn’t mean that they are the best option when taking pictures of a property for the purposes of selling or renting. Indeed, some investment is still required if the goal is to ensure that professional photos have been taken.

When high-quality photos are used to sell a property, the seller is sending a very important message to would-be buyers: that they took the time to think about how they would portray a property, took the necessary steps to prepare the property, and invested time and money into the right equipment to photograph it.

Picture Quality Can Affect Sale Value

Although it may be difficult to believe, the amount of money a seller gets for their home is directly related to the quality of the photos taken of that property. But why is this? The answer is simple: times have changed. Just fifteen years ago, a prospective buyer would pick up a printed brochure of a property that consisted of one or two printed photos and a typescript that revealed more information.

Today, however, we are in the middle of a digital age. The average person is bombarded with as many as 5,000 adverts in a single day. Add to that the fact that technology has allowed us to do more and be busier than ever, and our attention spans are shorter than at any other time in history, and it becomes very clear just how much a photograph impacts the sale of a property. Today, we take information in small chunks of words and pictures.

Length Of Time And Final Price

Ensuring that a property is photographed properly can actually affect how long that property remains on the market, as well as how much it is sold for. It therefore becomes necessary to ensure that any real estate agent chosen to sell the property offers professional property photography as part of their service.

In ensuring that an agent has the necessary experience to ensure that attractive and professional property photographs will be taken, a property owner can realise a higher final selling price and a shorter time wait time for property sale.


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