How To Get More Out Of Your Garden


Although we don’t have summer all year round like other parts of the planet, the UK is known for its lovely English gardens. And when summer is in full swing, there is no place we’d rather be than outside. What better way to do that than to create another living space outdoors?

Not only is transforming your garden into another living space far less expensive than building an extension, but doing so also gives you the option to get as creative as you like. There are so many ways to create an outdoor living space; keep reading to get some ideas for living alfresco.

Get Social

Regular patio furniture is one thing; but sociable seating like sofas and easy chairs is quite another. Many shops have now embraced the outdoor living space, and so have far more options to offer than before in terms of living room-like items. Your garden gatherings can now accommodate any number of special guests. And no longer do you have to worry about ruined upholstery; modern outdoor living includes moisture-repelling fabrics and materials to ensure your guests always have a dry place to sit.

The ‘Wow’ Factor

If your garden already has one or more features like a wall or hedge, you can add lots of drama with lighting. However, there is far more to it than flipping a switch. For example, where you place your lighting can make a significant difference. On a textured wall, you can up-light, or place lighting near to the wall at its base. This will highlight the texture of the feature.

Other natural features like trees can also benefit from lighting. If there is a wall behind a tree, for example, you can place lights in such a way as to transfer the tree’s shadow to the wall. Another trick is to change the colour of a feature by ‘washing’ it with light.

A Comfortable Temperature

Many homeowners will spend a good part of their summer days outdoors. This means ensuring there is adequate shade during the day, and a place to take the chill off when the sun goes down. The former can be accomplished by installing a canopy or large umbrella over your favourite lounging area.

Fire is the ideal warmer for chilly summer nights, and there are many options for fire pits and chimeneas. Your garden room may also benefit from a patio heater, which can be purchased in virtually any size and style. Your outdoor heater can also do double duty as a focal point if your living area lacks other features.

Of course, there’s nothing like enjoying a chilly evening wrapped in a warm blanket. Draping a few blankets over your furniture will ensure that everyone can feel warm and comfy when using your outdoor space.

Easy Dress-Up For Your Outdoor Table

Anything goes these days, and your outdoor living area is no exception. Yes, your patio table may have seen better days, but when it’s part of your outdoor décor, it becomes instantly chic. Adding more rustic charm to this part of your outdoor space is easy; all that’s needed is to cut some fresh flowers from your garden and place them in a re-purposed pitcher of water, and voilà: instant country-style centrepiece.

A Chance To Decorate

Outdoor living spaces need accessories too. Today, there are many to choose from. From lounging Buddha’s to fairy lights and candles to wall tiles, there is an accessory to suit every personality.

If you want to tie your outdoor living space in with what’s going on inside your home, you can do this easily by choosing decorative accessories and furniture that echo the colour of the indoors. This will allow for easy flow from indoors to out.

With so many options available for expanding your space outdoors and adding value to your home in the process, there is no reason your dream of an alfresco living area cannot become reality.