The Legalities Of Preparing A Home For Sale

The Legalities Of Preparing A Home For Sale

After deciding to sell your home and choosing an agent to market that fact, there are several remaining steps to take. In fact, there are a number of steps that need to be taken in order to successfully prepare any home for sale.

Energy Performance Certificate

All of the houses for sale in the UK must include an EPC, or Energy Performance Certificate. This certificate, obtainable via an accredited assessor provides much vital information about the property being sold. This information includes the property`s rating for energy consumption. In addition to this rating, the certificate also includes information about the home’s environmental impact in terms of CO2, and any recommendations for how to reduce consumption of energy. A sliding scale from A to G indicates the most to least efficient energy efficiency respectively.

It is a good idea to obtain the EPC early on in the process, as this will allow you to implement any recommended changes to improve the energy performance of the property before it is sold. Some of these changes may result in an increase of property value, which can ultimately get you more for your home.

Find an Accredited Solicitor

Again, completing important steps early in the process can ensure that the best individual is in place to sell your home. When searching for a solicitor, it`s always best to choose those who are part of a regulatory body such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority. This will provide you with peace of mind that every step of the transaction is going just as it should.

You can also help your solicitor greatly by ensuring you have specific and required information ready to give them. You will need copies of any lender information, details about changes made to the property since you purchased it, your personal identification and any information regarding boundaries or building certificated obtained in order to complete any building on the property.

Agent Information

Not only will your solicitor require information related to your home, but so will your agent. Again, the best time to gather and prepare this information is early on in the process, before things become very busy for you.

Some of the documents your agent will definitely need include certificates for electrical, gas and any building regulations. As well, they will need receipts for any rents paid or service charges incurred, if applicable. Finally, your agent will require bills for paid utilities and taxes, as well as for any insurance of contents.

Another list of items to have on hand is a fixture and fittings form. This form will provide information about what fixtures you plan to leaving in the home, and which you plan to take with you when you move.

Being fully prepared to sell your home from a legal standpoint can offer a number of advantages. Not only does doing so allow you to experience far less stress when it’s time to make the sale, but it can also result in financial benefits to you in terms of higher property value. Ultimately, this means more money available which can be put toward other benefits like a larger home, vacation, or another major purchase, such as a vehicle or additional property.