Want to Add Value to Your Property? Expand Your Kitchen!

Want to Add Value to Your Property Expand Your Kitchen

If you’re planning on selling your property in the future, you may be considering making improvements in the form of renovations. Among those renovations which can result in the most value being added to a property, the kitchen tops the list. In fact, this room is still regarded as one of a home’s most important when purchasing a property. A recent study revealed that a small kitchen could put off as many as 25% of potential house buyers, so it makes sense to expand your kitchen into an attractive and ready-to-use space.

Complete Renovation, or Kitchen Alternatives?

The numbers don’t lie; although it may be very tempting completely to gut your existing kitchen in favour of installing a brand new one, the costs outweigh the return on this investment. A new kitchen will run you about £15,000 to install, but will only result in approximately £4,500 being added to your home’s value.

As well, the personal tastes of a buyer may vary widely from your own, which can mean that they’ll set to swapping out your newly-installed kitchen soon after they’ve bought your property. If you look closely, you may actually discover that there isn’t anything amiss with your current kitchen, save the need for a few minor repairs and cosmetic touch-ups. There may also be other areas of your home which need more attention than your kitchen does. For instance, an ageing roof will be a much higher priority when you’re selling your home than your kitchen will be. That being said, the far more cost-effective option is to expand your kitchen without renovating it.

Tips for Kitchen Expansion

There are some ways to expand your kitchen that have nothing to do with the installation of new elements. For instance, by simply ensuring your countertops are free of clutter, your kitchen can appear to be far larger than it actually is.

Increase the Kitchen’s Perceived Size

Another way to increase your kitchen’s perceived size is to look up. Is there a lot of blank space on the walls? If so, you may wish to consider placing pictures, plates or other attention-grabbing items high up on the walls. When someone walks into your kitchen, these items will work to draw their eyes upward, increasing the perceived space of the room. You can also achieve this effect with paint in contrasting colours.

Another simple way to increase the perceived size your kitchen is to lighten the colour of your cupboards. White will make the entire kitchen look cleaner and can also make it look larger. Another effect of painting your cupboards is that this also serves to draw the eye upward and create the illusion of increased space.

Buy a Kit

If you want to save money but really want a new kitchen, you might consider the purchase of a do-it-yourself kitchen kit. These allow you to easily install new elements yourself without the outlay of hiring a professional. Of course, some skill will still be required to do this successfully, so don’t attempt it if you’re not confident in your DIY abilities!

Use the Dining Room

The extra space you need to expand your kitchen could be right in front of you if you have a dining room. Today’s home buyer is looking for more space in the form of bigger rooms, according to a recent survey. And today’s families tend to do all of their interactions in the kitchen and living area. That being said, look for opportunities to create a completely different feel by using the space in your dining room or another nearby room that you don’t plan to use.

Go Free-Standing

The standard built-in kitchen remains a popular choice. However, when thinking of ways to expand your kitchen, the free-standing kitchen option should not be ignored. Free-standing elements like a corner shelf from another room can add more space to your kitchen without incurring the additional costs to purchase it just for the purposes of selling your home. Not only that but things like corner cupboards and plate racks can add instant attractiveness to your kitchen.

Regardless which tips you choose to pursue, the good news is that you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to make your kitchen look brand new for interested buyers.