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Buying a Property with WA Barnes

A survey will give you reassurance about the home you are buying.

ISVA HomeSurvey

This is a concise report which, as the name suggests, is tailor made for those buying a house. The report is more detailed than a mortgage valuation and focuses on defects which are urgent and significant. Any movement in the building, timber defects and dampness are covered in the report. There is a section in the report on all of the major components of the building. Our surveyor will climb into the roof space (where possible) and will normally make an assessment of the underground drainage system. The report provides clear, unabmbiguous advice as to what you must do before committing yourself to purchasing the property and we will provide you with our opinion as to whether the agreed price is reasonable or not.

Please click here for a sample ISVA HomeSurvey report.

My Mortgage Lender is carrying out a survey so why do I need another one?

The mortgage valuation is purely needed to establish whether a property represents adequate security for the lender. This means that even if the purchase price is too high, the property may be acceptable for the amount of loan in question. An ISVA HomeSurvey report is carried out for you and not the lender. It will tell you if you are paying too much for the property and whether you are likely to experience any particular difficulty in selling it in the future. It is much more in-depth and is more likely to reveal defects which you as a future owner need to be aware of. Certain lenders do not required an internal inspection of the property. In such cases it is essential to have your own survey.

Invest a little now and avoid a costly surprise later.

Valuation Report

This is a brief report for a specific purpose and does not constitute a survey and, therefore, details of defects will not be set out.

We specialise in producing Valuation Reports for:

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